Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter and a Bag for Kate

Winter was fully here while my mom and sister were visiting last month and I felt so bad for them, but not as bad as they felt for me, I think.  They kept asking me why I live here and when I'm gonna move back home to Hawaii so that my kids aren't stuck inside all day.  One of my main reasons for sewing is that it gets my mind off of what I don't do or have, yada yada yada.  I made this wall hanging a few months ago out of a Twiggy (one of my fave fabrics) charm pack and remnants of my neighbor's Ikea curtains that they asked me to shorten for them.  Hey, if I get free fabric out of it, he** yes : ). 

I shared how I've been on a sewing hiatus of late...well, my good friend, Kate, had a birthday in September, and I told her I wanted to make her another bag.  She designs such unique and fun bags (like this one and this one) that I actually enjoy sewing them, plus, I didn't have any $$ for a gift.  tee hee.  When she mentioned that she got another bag for her birthday but not to be alarmed, that she was aware of my pregnant 1st trimester faaaaatigue and that she would just use her other bag till I got around to sewing hers, I thought, "now, there's a smart girl."  Anyway, when I found out Kate was moving home to Kansas, I dusted off my machine and got to work.

It's made of a thick brown vintage linen and some vintage lace.  The blue is leftover from my Ikea dress a couple of years ago.  I liked Kate's idea of adding pink embroidered stitches to the pocket border.  Almost makes me want to sew another bag.
I'm also digging the patchwork frayed edge straps look...a good alternative when you only have scraps for straps. 

I'm doing SMS's giveaway on Monday, so be sure to return and enter.  I'll have lots of sewing and fabric goodies to giveaway...may even do two!

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  1. Nancy..
    I loooooooooooooove.
    You are one amazing, talented woman.
    That piece of art should be hanging in everybody's house!!


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