Monday, January 19, 2009

Fabric L♥ve & Another Bag

Just some fabric loveliness I've been coveting for a couple of months.

Twiggy by Sanae for Moda Fabrics
I think I would like a painting in my bedroom of the blue background with white trees. It's so calming and reminds me of walking in the snow in winter at night. Don't know what I'd make out of the fabric, probably just let it sit on my fabric shelf for months and take it out every now and then and just look at it.

City Blooms by Kitty for Benartex Fabrics
These remind me of cute A-line skirts. I'd also like to do curtains out of the lavender and black with circles. Some fabrics are better just left fabrics and not made into anything at all.

Made a bag for my friend Kainoa's birthday. It's Ikea sateen fabric (right now $2.99/yd, and like 54" wide). I love working with it. It's thick and sturdy, but a little shiny and elegant. This design was a little make-it-up-as-you-go and I like it enough to do it again. I guess you could make it reversible, too.


  1. Why not just buy a yard or two of that marvelous blue fabric and stretch it over a canvas for wall art? I would do that too...I love that fabric. I can't get over your many, many talents. One of these days I'll pay you big bucks to make me a bag like that (if you have time and desire, of course!). It's splendid.

  2. you make me what to learn how to sew!!!! I love all of your nice cute!

  3. I see fabric all the time that I wish was wallpaper, and vice versa! You're so right about not knowing what to do with it. Some prints are perfect just to look at. And sometimes it feels like desecrating a painting when cutting it up and sewing it! Love these prints. Love love love.

  4. you are too creative!! i wish i had a baby so i could pay you to make me some stuff. miss you lots


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