Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Sewing

Today is my little sister's 30th birthday!! I am so excited for her to be thirty-something.  My twenties were so roller-coaster--fun--but I was so unsure of what the rest of my life was going to be like.  My grandma says your 30s are the best because your kids are still cute, you're still in good health and have energy (??), uh, and, well, you're in your 30s.  So live it up, sis!

Here are some things I've been sewing of late...

Shirred Baby Top
The fabric is Pop Garden by Heather Bailey (a fellow BYU alumnus, might I add).  I used Rae's baby sunsuit tutorial to do the top shirring w/straps.  It's actually one piece of fabric for the top shirred part, and one rectangle for the bottom.  I would 've used all one piece, but this was made from scrap fabric. I mostly eyeballed the amount of fabric by shirring and holding it up to Kalei.  Took about an hour and used about 1/2 yard of fabric.

Bag for Kate's mom 

A while ago, I told Kate I'd make her mom a bag in exchange for a haircut.  Kate designed this bag (like she designed her own a couple of years ago).  Ryan says we should partner, she designs and I make (and sell for $100+, right?).

Natalie's Bag
Natalie designed her own bag, meant for church. She sews, so she brought over her own home dec weight fabrics for the outside and strap. She wanted a sort of shabby look, with frayed edges, a first for me and bags, but it was a lot of fun. The recessed zipper top was the most challenging part, a first for me.  This U-Handblog tutorial helped me out. We threw in a couple pieces of vintage lace and a circle doilie I had. She added her own removeable flower on the front pocket. 


  1. You are both so amazingly talented. I would totally buy that bag for $100 - but uh, I couldn't afford it. I'll covet instead :-) Jealous!
    It's gorgeous! Great job both of you.

  2. i like the muted colors and the rose on that last bag. you and kate should join forces!

    happy birthday to your little sister! that's such a cute photo of you two. you tower over her in that photo and you two are only a few years apart..? crazy.

  3. oh, and good luck on the car trip to long beach... that's a long ride! oh dear. have fun, enjoy california and hopefully the beach too.


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