Monday, July 12, 2010

Soups & Co-Ops

I made this avocado soup from Great Greens cookbook from my local library.  It's the Corn & Spinach with Avocado Soup on pg. 63. It's a great book, Great Greens...and it's not vegetarian recipes.  As with many chowders, this soup has bacon in it...mmm...and thyme, corn, fresh spinach, chicken broth, I added chicken, too.  The coolest part of this recipe was the red bell pepper paste you dollop on top--WOW. 

Along food, one of my favorite blogs is Stephmodo.  The author also blogs on the scrumptious Zupas blog, sharing recipes and food ideas, along with a few other ladies.  Zupas is a local (Salt Lake & Utah Valleys) soup salad sandwich chain.  After hearing some hype, Ryan took me to Zupas for the first time on my birthday a couple of months ago, and I was not disappointed.  Since soups are our all time favorite type of food to eat together, I now have told him that if I'm on my death bed, please bring me a bowl of Zupas' Thai Lobster Curry.

Also, has anyone joined a food co-op or buy veggies via a CSA?  I've been hearing about some popping up around my area. How do they work out for you and do you use all your food?  Does anyone do halvsies with another family?  If you're in Utah Valley, check out Jacob's Cove Heritage Farm and Bountiful Baskets.  Maybe I should start a soup co-op.


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