Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Herb Garden

Not much gardening  you can do when you live in a condo, but I decided I'd try to grow some herbs on my windowsill (the balcony is out of the question with the kids always out there).  I bought basil and chives seed kits  from Target for $1 back in May.  Each kit included a tiny pot, seeds, soil disc, and plastic "greenhouse." I've enjoyed watching them grow.

I was particularly excited to eat the sweet basil (middle) and after about 1.5 months and 2 pot transplants, I felt she was ready for harvesting.  So I made this garlic lemon basil tomato zucchini spinach butter olive oil chicken pasta in the crock pot just to taste our little baby.  Deeelish!  (Tastes better than it looks).

Please don't judge my bad food photography : )


  1. oh my... that looks delicious. I'm inspired to grow some herbs. Do I still have time?

    do post the recipe, okay?

  2. The title of that yummy pasta is a mouthful but it looks so good I want a mouthful:)

    Good job, Nancey! You are amazing. I can't grow anything in the condo!


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