Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthdays and A Bag Is Born

Kalei's 2nd B-day

What an eventful 2 weeks we've had.  Kalei turned 2 on Saturday, April 30th.  We had a little family celebration at home, with Better than Anything cake like last year.
Kalei's 2nd B-day
Big brother excited for cake. 
We try to leave knives next to children
Kalei's 2nd B-day
She handled all the attention and opening presents so maturely.

Kalei's 2nd B-day
She is definitely our sassy but sweet girl...she's very clean and tidy, gutsy and cuddly, and mature in her own way. 

That day was also Ryan and my 6th anniversary, so he and I went out that night.  I had pretty hefty contractions for 3+ hours, and was convinced we were gonna have a baby the next day, but, no. 

I turned 34 on Wednesday and had a great day with friends and family.  The day before my birthday, I found out that I had won Camille Creates' blog giveaway, which made my birthday even more fun.  I've never won a giveaway before!!  I got some fabric and buttons for my birthday, other than loot. 

Ryan's mom made a surprise visit and flew in from Long Beach on Mother's Day weekend, so we spent the weekend again in Orem with his family.  And while we were up in Brigham City visiting family, my old baby bag tore a bit in the corner, forcing me to finish the new bag:

My 2nd Baby Bag
The green is Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow, blue is Ikea upholstery fabric, brown is linen
My 2nd Baby Bag
My 2nd Baby Bag
Hidden pocket for gum
My 2nd Baby Bag - Back
My 2nd Baby Bag 

I put some Lisette Simplicity patterns in the shop.  After I have the baby and lose some weight, I'd like to make a couple of these.

Lisette Patterns In the Shop

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  1. Enjoyed my peruse of your blog - best of luck with the soon to be about bambino!! And many congratulations! Posting here because I love that bag and I wanted to give kudos re: this blog without messing with the giveaway, as I'm too newbie to know which fabric's which!!


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