Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Little Time Left

No baby yet, but still "plugging"-or should I say waddling--along each day : ).  I came home today from taking my MIL to the airport to find a wonderful package on my doorstep.  It was my blog giveaway prize from Camille Creates.  Camille sews, knits, and has pretty good taste in music!  My winnings were a Moda layer cake, which is 42 10" squares of fabric from 3 Sisters' newest line, Oasis, along with a template for making fabric banners.  Check out Camille's banner tutorial on her blog.  I'm really looking forward to working with these pretty fabrics.  Thank you, Camille!

Blog Giveaway Prize

Quilt Market came and went last weekend here in Salt Lake City.  I caught a lot of coverage on other blogs, so I didn't feel too left out.  I like Cottage Mama's post on her experiences at Quilt Market.  Quilt Festival is coming up in a couple of months in Long Beach, CA, which is where my hubby is from, and I am tempted to find a reason to take a road trip / pilgrammage down there, even with a newborn and 3 little ones.  What I won't do for fabric... : )

I've finished sewing all the baby goods I wanted to make, finally, and before baby's arrival.  That may be a first!  My list included a car seat canopy, boppy pillow cover, nursing cover (below), baby bag, an outfit, and a couple of quilts/blankets. 

My nursing cover 

With a little extra time before baby arrives, I'm tempted to make lightweight summer swaddling blanket with what "boy" fabrics I have left from the projects.
Boy Fabrics

I pulled out this old WIP that I started 3.5 years ago when pregnant with Kainoa.  They're to make Bitty Booties, a free pattern from Heather Bailey's blog.  I'm going to try and finish them.
Bitty Booties

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  1. Only 'pretty good taste?' My music taste ROCKS. I'm happy you like the fabric. I can't wait to see how you use it. Waddle on my friend!


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