Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1st Birthday and a Bag

On April 30th last year, Kalei was born here in Utah.  It was also Ryan's and my 4th anniversary. 
I still remember the peaceful anniversary "weekend getaway" Ry and I spent in the hospital when she was born.  One year later, she is almost walking, still attached to my hip, not as vocal as Keira was as that age (but, I'm not complaining!), and seems to understand more than she expresses. 

At her one year birthday celebration, I made "Better Than Anything Cake."  When I told my family in Hawaii that's what we call it, they think it's a Utah thing, and I get laughed at.  So, I think I'll call it Better Than Zex Cake. 

Kalei ate the whole thing:

There's this tensity that builds in our home at the end of April.  April 30th is our anniversary, then May 4th is my b-day.  Mother's Day is less than a week later.  Over the years, we've lovingly refered to it as "Triple Threat."  I always feel a little sorry for Ryan around this time...not really.  This year, he did a good job of making sure I had something on each day, like my favorite Vietnamese pho he makes.

So, I've been sewing a lot lately for a boutique in June.  Here is a bag I made recently for one of my neighbors, made of canvas and home dec fabrics:

My neighbor's husband saw this bag, below, that I had made earlier this year, and ordered one like it for his wife.

As much time and energy that bags take to make, they are definitely worth it. I need to make one for myself someday. I'm still using the free Enfamil vinyl bag they gave me at the hospital a year ago when Kalei was born.


  1. when i first saw your free infamil diaper bag, i thought you were pretty cute! because i know that you make all these other diaper bags and purses that are just neat and fancy.

    kalei's birthday was fun and that cake looked SO delicious. thanks for the invite, it was fun.

  2. Love the bags! The pink polka dots are really cute on it. It's very nicely done!


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