Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sewing for Me

Such a wonderful rainy October day to blog.  I wish I lived in WA or OR sometimes.  I love this weather. 

Another Tessa Dress
Remember how I won that Oh So Sassy drawing and made a dress for Keira? I used the same pattern of the Tessa Dress (love) to make Kalei a dress this time.  I made it large enough so she can still wear it next summer.  Instead of a tie belt, I made a casing in the middle (polka dot fabric) and slid some wide elaastic through.  Also added one inch of fabric to the top of the neckline elasctic casing so there would be some ruffles at the top.  Got lots of comments at church on this one.  It's Amy Butler Lotus fabric that I've had leftover from my nursing-cover-making days a couple of years ago. 

Bag for Me
In July, my vinyl hospital-gift Enfamil baby bag ripped in more than one place, rendering it way unuseable.  I kept using it until Ryan "tsk-tsk-ed" me, "Babe, you make baby bags...make yourself one!"  I had been hoarding some Alexander Henry fabric, waiting for the right project for it.  The dark purple is the softest brushed stretch twill fabric--remnant from JoAnn.  My favorite part of sewing for myself was inventing a little secret compartment pocket for gum at the bottom of the bag.   I used velcro to enclose a small pocket at one of the bottom corner seams.  My kids have not figured out how I pull gum out even though they've combed through it while I was in the shower.  I heart sewing. 

About sewing for yourself, sewing this bag was more gratifying than I had expected. After 30+ bags I've made for others, this was the first I've made for myself, and I take pride in using it everyday, and it makes me appreciate my talents. I've found that sewing for myself or my little family is more important than sewing for others or for money. I usually make excuses to make someone else something, or to make something to sell. For you seamstresses out there, Selfish Seamstress has a humorous take on sewing for yourself vs. sewing for others. We could all use a little more healthy selfishness : ).

All pau for now.

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  1. Those are so great! I am so amazed with your sewing talent! And I love the fabrics you chose! I wish I hadn't been sick during your sewing party--but really, I think I would have been clueless as to what to bring anyway... :) You go, girl!


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