Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BYU and Elvis for Baby

Ryan had a music recital to attend for a class on BYU campus this weekend. So the kids and I did a little mozy-ing around Mommy's old stomping grounds.  I don't know why we haven't done this in the past 4 years since we moved to Utah...the campus has changed a lot since I left in 2001...a nice stroll down memory lane, and nice to share with my babies. 

Hangin' on the WILK stairs while we wait for a Strawberries Wild

Everyone was at the BYU-UNLV game so we had the campus all to ourselves.
Since this is a sewing blog, and I realize I haven't been faithful about showing what I've been sewing lately--pure laziness--here's a gift set that I made for Ryan's sister, Miranda's baby shower.  It was so fun to make the appliqués on the onesies, and the blanket (great black chenille fleece from WalMart for $6 something/yard), and the pants (pattern from Little Stitches book by Amy Butler). 


  1. How fun! I should do the same with my boys.

  2. Just loved those pants and blanket! And love the cute pics of the kiddos on the Y campus. Brings back some fond memories~

  3. I love the baby stuff. You are my sewing hero (and parenting hero, and work hero, and beauty hero, and the list goes on)! Your kiddos are so cute. I can't believe how old they look.


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