Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waning Summer

Summer sucks because it never stays, kinda like love in Carmen. 

• I cut my own bangs and love having them to cover my big Swedish forehead.

• I took Baby Kalei's winter clothes out of storage.  I found a box of 18 month old girl summer clothes that I had forgotten about at the back of our storage closet; Kalei is wearing a turquoise one in the photo below.   She'll only wear them all once before it gets too cold.  Some outfits I found I hadn't laid eyes on since Keira was 18 months old and I was expecting Kainoa.  Even though that was just a 3 summers ago, it feels like a few lifetimes.

  Dear Kalei, There's nothing more sweet and soothing than when you grab my face and

• Ryan started his general studies at Salt Lake Community College.  We plan on moving at the end of next year to St. Louis for his chiropractic schooling, which will be another 3 years or so.  We've been busy at nights after work.  Going to school and working full time has been an adjustment, but we're saving money on cable and DVDs. 

Bye-bye, summer


  1. I love your bangs! So super cute on you! I am so excited that Ryan is finally going to school...he really has the Dad touch of a wonderful chiropractor. He has a gift and i am glad he is doing something with it. We will miss you guys when you leave. xoxox

  2. You bangs are so cute! You are always gorgeous! And, too bad you're moving so far away but when we visit Missouri, St. Louis is pretty close to my moms!!

  3. Nancey, I love your bangs. Very cute. You look so much younger than you already look :)


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