Saturday, April 23, 2011

Latest Findings

Roberts Crafts Findings
So, I took a break and went solo to the Orem Robert's Arts and Crafts the other day.  I found these stamp sets up by the cash register for $1/pack in differnt fonts.  My friend and I want to make homemade labels for the clothing we sew using stamps and linen tape.  There's a tute here.  Also found a pack of scrapbooking buttons on sale for a couple bucks.  Roberts really doesn't stock any sewing notions, but you can actually find a lot of "sewing" things there.  They do have knitting supplies in the back, as well as some solid colored canvas and cottons.  Did I tell you that my midwife who delivered Kainoa was the granddaughter of the Robert who started the store?  Her father developed the famous Cricut die cut machine software.  When I was pregnant with Kainoa 4 years ago, I always jokingly hoped she'd give me a gift certificate to Roberts as a reward for a successful home birth.  I'm such a dork.

I also went to Utah's newest Hobby Lobby shop right down the street in American Fork.  Can I just say that this store makes me giddy?  I'm not that into home decor or wall art, but love zig zaggin' up and down the aisles, esp when they have a 50% off sale.  My favorite part, of course, is their fabric.  I've been a fan of their in-house brand of fabrics because of the low price (usually $4.90/yard for quilting weights) and though the quality of their quilting weights isn't designer/quilt shop quality, it's worth the price.  Here's a Flickr pool of some of their fabrics.  I've noticed that some of their quilting cottons have a higher thread count than others and the quality of some of their newer prints has improved. 

I found a newer print that I absolutely adore.  I made Keira a skirt out of 1/2 yard of it.  If you're wondering what the pattern is, I mocked a copy of Oliver + S's Hopscotch skirt from photos.  While it's not the best copy, it's better than paying $16/pattern when you're a cheapskate like I am.  I want to go back to HL and get more of this fabric.  Here's a photo of some coordinating HL fabrics.

We'll be spending most of Easter weekend in Orem with family.  Photos to follow.  Happy Easter, everyone!!

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  1. oooh love the stamp set! If I was in Orem I would be running over there right now. When I went in to Hobby Lobby it made my head spin. I just couldn't take it all in. Too much stuff to look at.


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