Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Blessingway

My midwife, Tara Tulley, invited me to her birthing centertonight to help her with a demonstration on giving a Blessingway. It was so cool. A blessingway is a sort of spiritual baby shower focusing on the mother and preparing her for giving birth. It's more like a mother shower, and less cheesy. (Not that I don't like baby showers) Positive, supportive friends and family of the mama-to-be gather and offer advice, support, some good energy.

Tonight we did a rose water purification (each invited guest dips her hands in water with rose petals and oil to symbolically release her negative thoughts and energy--and maybe negative birthing experiences). We sat in a circle in a beautiful, cozy little room, facing each other to kind of open our hearts and minds up towards each other, and also remind us that anything anyone shares is sacred and confidential, and should be kept in the circle. We did a guided meditation--Tara read a beautiful meditation from the book Mother Rising that helped me visualize myself enclosed in a seashell, safe and warm, and refered to the baby being enclosed inside my womb the same way. I got to soak my feet in a rose water bath--that was VERY NICE!! We released our fears about the birth by writing them down and closing them up in a box.

Each woman took a bead and talked about what it symbolizes (see the necklace in the photos?):
  • The turtle (my husband Ryan chose) = reminded him of when we went snorkeling in Waimea when I was pregnant with Keira and a big turtle came--they say turtles and dolphins are receptive to pregnant humans, you know. Also, how turtles go to the shore to give birth to their eggs and the hard work involved. (his was my favorite analogy)
  • The ivory-colored bead with root-like painting represents me "rooting myself" during the birth and finding a stable ground, so to speak, and remembering and focusing on the task.
  • The green frog I honestly can't remember!!
  • The orange bead Tara chose = it represents fire...I have the 4 elements when combined with the other beads...I wish I could remember everything that was said.

Then there was the belly painting--a henna tattoo by Tara's brother, who's an artist. He kind of asked me what I had in mind and I showed him a photo, and he said he liked flowers--me too! He did a great job. It took about 40 minutes, and we just talked and laughed and told stories the whole time. Afterwards, we did had fresh pineapple, lime chips and salsa, mango, canteloupe, deeeelish! Oh, and strawberry cider. I had such a good time.

Sorry, but I had to include all the details so that I don't forget any of tonight. On the way home, I felt calmed, relaxed, and I told Ryan that I'm noticing the flowers again. Pregnant ladies need stuff like that.

Something funny: Monty Python Hospital Sketch


  1. Hi Nancey,
    What a beautiful experience you had!!! I wish I could have been there. I'm so happy for you! I love your henna belly. I want a picture! I made a blog too....yah! Infiniteluvandpeace is the name.
    I love you,

  2. sounds like it was so relaxing. reading all this and about your little gathering I was thinking wow, this is soooo Nancey and the henna tatt tops it off!! Sounds like you're doing good. I still think of my little visit to Hawaii a few years back and was talking to Marc about it tonight and about North Shore and the pebble sand. Miss you lots!! Isa
    ps I think you sent me a link to a different top secret blog, but I can't find it. send it again

  3. PSS
    love this picture of you and your little girl

  4. Wow!! That's awesome!! I love the Henna too!!


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