Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Back by Popular Demand...

So sorry I couldn't be here the past 5 months. I've been in family reunion, pregnant lady, trying to save money, trying to get into sewing, husband's got a new job, and I'm still always tired land...been there before? Anyway, things are strangely seeming to "settle down" despite that I'm 3 weeks away from August 29th, THE BIG DAY. My mom has bought her ticket out here and is arriving the 28th from Hawaii. You wanna hear something else? Gordon, my little brother, is getting married on the 25th. He and his wife, Lyn, will move here to Utah to attend BYU on the 29th. Also, I've got family coming about a week before I'm due, Ryan's parents and 3 sisters and their children will all be here--most are staying with Ryan's sister, Suzanne, in Sandy, but we'll still be busy and running around right up till labor day. I'm having the baby in our condo, which makes summer all the more exciting and dangerous. The more I get into the childbirth/homebirth mode, the more calm and settled I feel. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous as it gets closer, but I honestly am more confident and calm and open, strange. Strange is all I can say for the past 5 months since we've been in our condo. Things have just "worked out." I guess for a "believer" like myself (believer in God, Jesus Christ, miracles, faith, etc.) the word "strange" doesn't make sense--but I am still dumbfounded at this point how things really do "just work out" like all the annoying people say at points in your life that you don't need to hear that phrase...but as I stop, look, and listen, and try to feel what my life has been "doing" and where it's been "going," it really does work out.

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