Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Snow

So, it snowed yesterday.  At least it didn't on Easter Sunday.  We spent Saturday and Sunday at Ryan's sister's place in Orem.  The kids' cousins came down from Brigham City.  We ate the weekend away and I think the baby is bigger because.  I am eating an egg salad sandwich right now with blue pieces of egg in it : )

Easter 2011
The bouncy house kept the kids entertained while the adults got fatter inside.
Kalei - Easter 2011
My sassy 2-year old
Nancey @ 36 weeks
36-week belly photo.  I hate when buttons look like your nipples!
When I went in to the O.B. last week, I weighed in at 170 lbs--this is my biggest pregnancy yet, and probably my biggest baby.  My mom laughed when I told her. Ryan laughed.  I'm not really a weight watcher, but the news made me worry a bit about how big this baby will be, especially because I don't do drugs during labor.  I won't be walking for weeks!  Bring it : [


  1. ha ha ha, I just spat my coffee out!! I hate it when buttons or seams look like my nipples too!!

  2. button nipples, hahaha!

    i think you look great for 36 weeks, man, i look like that at 24 weeks.

    i'm glad you guys had a fun easter weekend, i love easter.

  3. you ALWAYS look so graceful pregnant. Miss you girl:)

  4. Your are an awesome seamstress. I really would like to meet you and learn from you. The clothes you sew are amazing. It would be cool after your pregnacy to get together for some sew day. Have you seen the new German companys Burda children patterns. They are very original. Best luck in your finalweeks of pregnancy .

    Your friend, Camille.

    P.S You won my blog giveaway so I need your address!

  5. Have you had your child yet? (Or did I miss it in browsing over your blog?)


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