Friday, February 14, 2014

Keira's Baptism

Shots from Keira's baptism a couple of weeks ago. It was a chilly, snowy February morning, but peaceful and everything went smoothly...

I promised her candy or ice cream if she would take her jacket off for "just one" photo outside.

While we waited in the chapel, I had a chance to take a few shots while the kids played...


The "I'm so sick of your camera" pose


 Daddy and Keira

After the baptism, since we had family in town, we had an 8th birthday party for her.

My dad and stepmom drove from Salt Lake.

Keira's friends singing "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.

It was a "Puss In Boots" party theme, but you wouldn't have guessed it if you didn't look at the invites, cake, and 3 foot poster I stuck to the kitchen wall.


  1. These pictures are absolutely stunning and your little girl is beautiful! Love her dress!


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