Tuesday, April 1, 2014


One night, some friends of ours offered to watch the kids for a weekend so that Ryan and I could get away. It was the nicest thing anyone's done for me/us in a while--one of those times when I really needed a break. I still look back on their kindness with wonder and hope that I can be more selfless like that.

Here are some shots from our two day getaway...

Park Avenue Viewpoint
Three Gossips
Looks like a lizard coming out of a rock


Skyline Arch

Delicate Arch
South Window
Turret Arch

Drive by shooting of Sandstone Fins
If you've never been, you must before you die, it's a wonderland you can spend days exploring!


  1. I clicked next Blog and it was yours :) I just looked at these amazing photos and wanted to comment on them . As I am in England I don't know where they were taken Arizona is my guess!! We have always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon etc! and Yellow Stone is on the list too. Anyway just showing my appreciation. might get there one day (Next year we have big anniversaries to celebrate. ) regards Maxine

    1. Thanks Maxine. These were taken in Moab, Utah, at Arches National Park. Definitely a must-see when you come to the states! Thanks for the comment!

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