Sunday, January 19, 2014


Since it's still January, and I've been in absentia, hiding out in Instagram and spending more time with the kids, even sewing less, I'll indulge with a blogpost about the last year, or the 6 months since my last post.

We enjoyed summer in our town.

We spent a many days lazing around our friends' home.

In September, my sister and brother-in-law visited from Hawaii and I got to meet my little nephew, Ezra. The kids loooove their new little cousin.


My mom visited in October


Fall in Utah is always gorgeous

Our Christmas was quiet, happy, but we all caught the flu.

I managed to help a friend sew some stockings for her family. I do have sewing plans for 2014, hopefully will get more done than last year.

We hope to have as much fun this year as we did last year. Happy New Year!


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