Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Simplicity 3835

Simplicity 3835

The first time I made it was in 2008. Here, I've paired with a cashmere cardigan by Camaïeu that I bought on my mission in a town called outside Geneva called Annemasse.  On P-Day (missionaries' off-day) eight of us sister missionaries would meet up in downtown Geneva or a nearby town and go (usually window) shopping and get lunch at a yummy restaurant.  I've had the cardigan since 1999 and I just won't get rid of it. It seems to get softer and more meaningful with time.

About the pattern...this time, I made the high collar with invisible zipper in the back.  The last time, I did the easier and lower elastic/gathered neckline.  This was my first time wearing such a high neckline that's not stretchy knit fabric and it choked me a bit when I would sit down.  I took the kids to the library for toddler wiggle time and spent a lot of time on the floor with it digging into my throat.  Okay, so it wasn't the best floor-time activity dress. Plus, I was wearing knee high boots. Live and learn!

Also, I shortened the sleeves a couple inches.  These photos aren't very revealing, but I'm sure you've seen this popular Built By Wendy dress so many times, you'll get over it.

Simplicity 3835


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