Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quilt Class

I attended my first quilt class at my local library last weekend.  It was a 4-hour class, we brought our own machines and notions and the library provided us with some fabric for our first few blocks.
Quilt Class

The blocks consisted of nine 1.5" squares of two alternating fabrics.  It was my first time using small pieces, and I found the tedious-ness therapeutic. 
9-Patch Fondant Quilt Sample

These are the 3 blocks I finished. We were encouraged to chain piece the blocks to make it go faster, which I knew how to do, so I helped a couple of my neighbors out. With helping, cookies and cocoa trips, and chatting, I'm surprised I got even this much done.
9 patch block

My sister is expecting a boy in May, so I went home and worked up a couple of ideas for a baby quilt. These are a gray Ikea sheet and French General's La Petite École dots and stripes.
9 patch block

After the class, I had time to kill so strolled around and checked out the sewing book section.  I found at least 100 sewing books!  I know I shouldn't compare, but our old town had twice the population as this one, and it only had about 15 sewing books.  Just another thing to add to my list of things I like about this town.
Sewing Books


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