Saturday, December 15, 2012

Out and About

We've moved to eastern Utah for Ryan's new job.  We've been here almost one month and had our first visitors stay the night last night.  Ryan's little sister, her husband, Steve, and 2 year old Maverick.  Here are some shots from today's Christmas shuffle, taken with my phone:

Eating Chinese buffet after people-dodging shopping
We decided to check out this community center down the street from our condo.  Everyone says we should join.  It looks awesome and may be just the thing our family needs to get into shape, get outta the house this winter, and meet some peeps here. 

Us outside the rec center. Muddy buddies when we got home.

 A random shot of some of my favorite green doo dads:

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  1. i really liked that rec center. You guys are so lucky! Love you all!


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