Friday, October 12, 2012

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Realization as I open up my dusty blog page:  Part of the reason why my blog isn't popular is because my photos are taken with a point-n-shoot piece of poop. 

'Member how I said I took a headshot for LDS Casting to be an extra in one of their New Testament videos, but never got called?  Well, shortly after that post, I got called and ended up spending a day (7am-8pm) at the Jerusalem set in Goshen, Utah.  It was nuts.  August, 90+ degree weather in long sleeve, ankle length, dark, thick linen garb.  It was cool to say I did it, but don't think I'll do it again.  I got to see Jesus, though, and stand by John the Baptist. And got paid $94 after taxes.

Speaking of church, I teach the 7 and 8 year olds in Primary.  I love it.  I love our branch/congregation, which is a Tongan/Polynesian branch.  Here's a shot from after our Primary program last month.  Arne't they the cutest?

Eagle Mountain 13th Tongan Branch Primary -5x7

I made this baby quilt for a good friend who's expecting a girl.  We've known each other since we were 7 years old. 
Baby Quilt Plans






I used a Gap pencil skirt I've had for 10 years to trace and cut this skirt.  Side invisible zipper.  One of the best things I've made as far as clothing for me goes.

Stretch Sateen Floral skirt

Lisette Simplicity 2211 Market Blouse
I like this Lisette pattern, but the sizing was one or two sizes too big.  So I took the sides apart and took in the back, but I took in a little too much, so now this shirt hangs in the "when I get into shape" side of the closet.  I'd make it again, though.
Lisette Simplicity 2211 Market Blouse

WalMart has $1 beading bins, including leather strands, so I've made a couple of necklaces.
$2 Necklace I put together to match my favorite summer 2012 shirt

Another $2 Necklace courtesy WalMart

I used a die cutter (not the digital kind, the hand-cranking kind) to cut these 3-layered flowers out of fabric scraps.  They're approx. 5" in diameter, and, depending on the fabric, they curl to a smaller size with some wear.  I love making these. 
Headband Florals

Brown is a linen fabric and I threw some true vintage lace behind 2 layers.
Headband Florals

I picked up these vintage brads from Hobby Lobby in the Scrapbooking section (Spare Parts brand).  I like the look, but if my baby gets a hold of one of the flowers and pulls, the layers easily come apart.  Glue gun is a remedy, I've found.
Headband Thingies

The backs are two layers of felt with a casing/pocket to slide a headband through.  The beige one that's second up has been worn a few times.
Headband Florals

My 3 year old wearing one of them:

Kids Clothing
Keira loves the Lola character in Shark's Tale, a lion fish played by Angelina Jolie.  My grandmother gave me some vintage fabric a while back, and it's been marinating on the shelf for years.  I put it to good use.
Lola Skirt

Lola Skirt

S Jordan Fish Pond

More to come, and not all at once like this time...ciao!


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