Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lucky Nanny

It was a good week, a lucky week, maybe. I found myself on the receiving end a lot this week.

Before we left Grama and Grampa's on Sunday, Grama asks me if I "would use some 100% Swiss cotton lawn" she's had for years. "Uhhh, yeah?" I told her with a smile, and she went into her hope chest and brought back a couple stacks of fabric. The blue on the top is a silk blend from Thailand. My dad had a friend of his bring it back for my Grandma, I'm thinking in the early 70s. Next, the white cotton lawn (nightgown, anyone?), and the brown is a couple yards of 100% linen. Linen! I've never bought linen fabric, it's always so expensive. Maybe a Village Frock with red buttons for Keira is in order for Fall.
When we got home from Idaho on Sunday, I found a New Look dress pattern sticking out from under my doormat. It made my day. I knew it was from someone who reads my blog or from church who knows I sew. It was just a nice surprise. I like the pattern, too. All week, I didn't know who left it, and today found out it's from my friend, Gen...thanks, Gen!! The fabric is also from from Grama. It's called chintz and it's a cotton with a sort of glaze on it that makes it shimmery (not heavy like oilcloth). She said people used it in the 80s for curtains. The yellow fabric is leftover from the house we used to live in in California, it's about 30 years old, but looks brand new, thank you, hope chest.

Free fabric arrived in the mail. I found this New York fabric store on line that carries nicer fabric and will send you a few samples for free. I asked for ones that I've never been able to buy (Liberty London Tawna Lawn, like $40 per yard and the green is Echino by Etsuko Furuya, like $25/yard), yeah, and I've never seen any Utah fabric stores carry them, so I wanted to see and feel them in person. I'm considering making fake rabbits feet out of them to hang from my keychain and I'll rub them for good luck. Gross.
Oh, then, my friend, Brianna, was over at my house while Ryan was trying to make a smoothie and witnessed our blender crap out (all over my counter). Later, she happened to inherit a way nicer blender and passed it on to us. Thanks, Brianna!
Ryan said the kids had a surprise for me after work one night. I haven't laughed that hard in a while...Please don't call CPS on us : ).


  1. lucky indeed! that last photo is pretty funny, haha!

  2. Wow! Those are some really great fabrics. $25 a yard! Yikes.

    i LOVE the last picture. Too funny. Keira has great taste in music and Kainoah looks very pretty. I did that to Myles once. It's great fun.

  3. SUPER CUTE!! You are amazing. LOVE that blue fabric from your Grama! And that $25 a yard! WOW! What's their website?

  4. Kiki and Kainoa are so cute! I love the cross dressing and am so relieved to know my kids aren't the only ones who thing that sort of thing is fun. :) I have the same New Look pattern and it turned out great. I'm glad you had a lucky week; those are always nice once in a while!

  5. how come i never inherit COOL vintage fabric? once in a while i inherit nasty poyester stuff--as in tricot. blech.

    i love etsuko furuya! look on etsy and you'll find plenty of sellers who sell that line for $8 per half yard, which is enough for a pure or pillow. :)

  6. ahhh i can't beleive all that linen. i'm obsessed. i want a linen couch/chair/ anything, it is expensive though. ahhahhaaaa funny pictures of the little ones.

  7. oh my heck!!! that picture of the kids.....ROFL!!!!! that just totally made my week!! They are the cutest kids ever!!!! I would claim them anytime!!! :D lol!!!!


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