Monday, September 21, 2009

Shabby Apple

I should be writing this on my new fashion blog, but since I don't think anyone's ever read it before besides me I wanted to include it on my ever-so-famous family/sewing blog...

Has anyone ever bought or tried on a Shabby Apple dress? I am so in need of a Fall dress, and was getting ideas on line and found this company that seems to have only modest designs. So, before I'm banished to the Target Clearance racks I thought I'd investigate these guys. How do they fit? Do they wash well? Any info is helpful. The prices aren't too bad...I think...I don't know. I signed up for their email list but who knows how good the coupons will be. In these tight times, it's just nice to dream, huh?

I also love their girls dresses. I see some Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner fabric in there.


  1. I have one Shabby Apple dress, the white one I wear so frequently... I LOVE it and really need to buy a fall/winter one and a black one. I wash it in cold and let it hang dry then iron it. It fits just right. I bought the daisy and I bought it one size smaller than I would normally wear because they said it fits generously and it's perfect. I have a lot of friends who buy Shabby Apple and love them.

  2. i LOVE that dress in the first photo, love it. how do you know/find all these cool fashion brands? nice.

  3. I'm dying to buy some dresses from Shabby Apple, too. Let me know if you buy something. They look tres chic!

  4. nancey, all great minds think alike. i was going to ask on my blog if anyone had ever worn a shabby apple dress. i really like the one with the white top and giraffe looking bottom. have you seen it? there are a few others i've seen and liked but have wanted to know about the fit. anywho, like i've always said.
    i think you're fancey nancey ;)


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