Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Was debating leaving a post tonight or not...but, oh! It's past my one-month mark for writing, so, why not? The past hour or so, I've been carelessly looking at blogs and Googling "free sewing magazine" without luck while I wait for my friend to call. She just moved out this weekend and we're doing a late night cleaning sans kids. Sans kids. That's a weird phrase. Ok, I'm tired.

I did some random cleaning today and found one of two lost camera cards (that's what we call them). The other I'm afraid will be forever lost in toyland or a land fill after being handled by one of the kids because I left it in the computer's SD slot. I even took apart the computer today to see if he/she slipped it into one of the bigger slots, but nada. On the camera card I found these:

I last-minute-and-one-month-late made and sent my mom a handmade gift for her birthday. My mom lives in Hana, Maui, which is like the most remote town in the world (taking into account that Hawaii is in the middle of nowhere). It takes 2.5 hours for a Hana-an to drive to the nearest WalMart, now that's remote. Mom didn't believe me when I blamed the late arrival on her remote-ness, but she said she liked my gift anyway.

Fabric is a brocade from JoAnn, pattern from: Craftster.

This was a thank you gift to a family friend of ours, Barb, who also lives in Hana. She sewed and sent some aloha print baby items with my mom when she came out for Kalei's birth. The first nursing cover I made 2.5 years ago was for Barb's daughter, Sally, using this Eyes Wise swirly fabric. I used the scraps to make her mom a little case. Awww.

I swear I don't make the kids do this for my blog.

Saw this on NieNie's blog and wanted to share:

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