Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Work Hazards

My husband can't figure out why our 3.5 year old keeps getting into mischief while I work in the office.  Twice, when I've had conference calls, she's gotten (me and her!) into trouble. I'll put something entertaining in front of her to keep her occupied. Today, it was the My Melody stamps and ink pads.

Three weeks ago, I had a big video call "appearance" for my company.  My boss was doing a demo for Hawaii legislators on how telecom technology can help businesses save money and not have to lay employees off by allowing them to work from home...how it enables his employee, a mom of three who lives all the way in Utah, to work from home and save $1,500 a month in day care.  I was nervous all week about the call, about my equipment not working, about the kids making too much noise in the background.  My 2 babies were asleep, and I needed to keep Keira occupied.  She asked for her craft scissors to cut up some paper.  I didn't think twice.  She uses them all the time, I thought, but usually while I'm right alongside her.  About 2 minutes before I went "live," Keira walks in with a head full of hair in her hands.  I put my hands over my mouth and shrieked at first, then couldn't stop laughing, and the demo was a breeze...

Mom, how you like me now?

Dramatics of lost hair

Can't keep a serious face

Kate fixed it, and that's probably not the last time

I'm scrapping this lock as a souvenir just in case those curly locks don't return

A couple of months ago


  1. HAHAHA! I did that 4 times when I was young. The last time I did it my dad said he was "going to draw blood" if I ever did it again. I never did. That is a scary thing to hear! I am sure it won't be Keira's last time. But one could hope!

  2. That is so funny! And maddening! I am going to check on Brody because he is working with craft scissors RIGHT NOW! :)

  3. i like the photo where she's supposedly sad over her hair loss, ha!

  4. I can't believe how big your little girl is already! Guess who my visiting teaching partner is - Natasha! She is a great companion. I hope you are doing well.

  5. So funny! She is so big! I hope you don't mind I put her little picture on my latest post, wearing her Mei-tai. She is way little so it's not exactly this year, but I couldn't resist putting her on there.

  6. Classic! Paige did it to her bangs while I was out one night (my husband was home!) But at least Keira looks adorable still!

  7. 安...辛苦了!祝福你在各個方面都愈來愈好!..................................................


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