Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Happy

Kalei turned 8 months old today. I'm typing and holding her while she sleeps...a trick learned from 4 years of working from home and raising 3 babies.  I want to make a list of happenings for 2009, I think for myself more than for my blog audience:
  • Kalei was born at the end of April.  She is a Mama's girl, thoroughly.  She can't stand anybody else in the world, not even her dad, and wants only Mommy.  It feels pretty nice. 

  • my mom came and visited beginning of May, which was sooo nice.  I miss her and can't wait till she comes in January. 
  • we drove to California in June on 2 hours' notice to be with Ryan's dad for a few days, as he had gotten very sick.  That was a difficult trip to make.  It was difficult to see Ryan's dad and say goodbye, not knowing if we'd see each other again.

  • in August I received a calling in church as Relief Society (women's organization) Secretary.  This has really opened doors of friendship for me and helped remind me that we all have battles (mine is against constant chaos).  It's helped me get out of the house a bit too.  I am a home-body by default, I love to read, write, sew, and dance...inside hobbies.  I love having people over (ok, not in a Ryan-Johnson-just-invited-half-the-ward-over kind of way), but it's nicer to go into others' homes and learn about them, their struggles, their interests, etc.  I enjoy this part of this calling the most.

  • Ryan's father, Jack, passed away in late August. Ryan and Kainoa went up to St. Louis for his services. Jack and Ryan's mom, Geneva, raised 16 children in Long Beach, he was a chiropractor and pastry chef and very multi-talented.  This Christmas has been especially hard for Ryan, and his whole family.  We miss you, Grandpa Jack.
    If you're reading this in Facebook, click this link to see a video on Ryan's dad.
video courtesy Stacey & Craig Johnson
  • in early December, my little brother, Gordon, had his first baby, named Lucas Kahana Mamoru Liljenquist.  He is my first nephew by blood and I L-O-V-E him.
  •  In mid-December, I quit my job of 6 years out of necessity - I just couldn't devote the hours they needed me to work (Ryan's work needed him to work more hours).  It also felt like my sanity was waving like a flag in the wind.  While planning my whole day around work provided structure, it also prevented me from, well, basing my day around my kids and their needs.  All the DVDs and movies I used to distract my kids while I worked until Ryan came home...the routine got worn out, and so did I.  I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad my work understood.  They said they wondered if I was going to quit each time I got pregnant, but didn't, and that they were surprised I lasted this long with 3 small kids.  I loved my job most of the time, maybe someday when the kids are older I will see if they need me.
  • We spent Christmas in Utah (sadly instead of Long Beach or Hawaii) and it was wonderful.  We spent Christmas Eve at Ryan's sister, Miranda's and her husband, Steve's, and had a lot of fun. Then we went to West Jordan on Christmas Day to be with my dad and step-Mom, Sue.  Santa may have been short-staffed this Christmas, but a lot of family elves stepped in and helped our kids enjoy it nonetheless. 


  1. Nancey.....I cannot believe how big Kalai is getting!! I have been away too long! I hope maybe one of these months Mike is home for his four days off...we can make it down to see you guys and Moe and Steve. You kids are adorable! How does it feel to not be working? I hope you have more time for yourself. You deserve it! I miss you~~ Suz

  2. It was great seeing you Nancey:)Can't wait to just hang out. Have a blessed year.

  3. nancey, you are such an awesome mom and woman. i miss hanging out with you. i wish we lived closer so we could hang out and do/make fun stuff. it's funny how much we've grown in the last almost ten
    a little less self centered now wouldn't you agree?? :) we'd have so much more fun now than thinking about boys and what we're going to wear and what party we were going to and who's dating who and on and on. :) miss and luv ya!

  4. Wish we could have seen you over the holidays! Oh Kalei is SOOO cute! Looks like her momma with her daddy's coloring and I'm stickin to that!!!! :)

  5. i love your little family and i'm so glad you're not working :) i don't know how you did it, you're amazing.


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