Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

We drove up to Rexburg, ID to visit my dad's parents this weekend. It was such a nice drive up, and such a relaxing getaway. Besides catching up and showing them the new baby, and eating eating eating her good cooking, I remembered a lot of things around her home I decided to take pictures of:

Rexburg was a small town when this photo was taken, according to Grandma, 4,000 people. Now there are close to 30,000, and that's not counting the BYU-Idaho students. My grandfather owned and ran a men's clothing store on Main Street for 50 years called Vern and Ferrell's. Grandma and Grandpa got married when she was only 19. That's my dad, around 7 years old. She had one more boy after this photo was taken.
Grandma is a crochet-er (and a seamstress). I remember reading these sayings on her wall when I'd "help" in the kitchen during my visits during my college years. I used to catch rides up from Provo to Rexburg by finding people on the Ride Board at BYU. Yeah, you'd just walk up to this map in the WILK and you could find drivers or riders' phone numbers to a chosen destination and split gas costs. I'd never let my daughter do that nowadays (ok, she's only 3), but if she wasn't, I still wouldn't let her. Those weekend visits to their house always rejuvenated me and I miss them.
When I was in elementary school, we left Hawaii and moved into my grandparents' summer home in Escondido, CA. We lived there for a few years till we bought a new house down the road. I remember this lamp in our living room. Once, I knocked the other matching lamp over and chipped it (probably while dancing to the Fame theme song. I'm still gonna live forever!)
Grandma loves Hawaii. These were in her bathroom:
We spent a lot of the weekend on the back deck. Outside was the only childproof area, and when the kids were outside, Grandma and Grandpa...and Mom, and Baby Kalei, and Dad...had some peace.
My grandfather suffered a stroke just 8 months ago, but is now walking on his own (no cane or walker), speaks clearly, and makes us so proud. Keira fell asleep on him and woke up when she heard my camera shutter, so I told her to pretend she was sleeping again. I remember being held by him like that when I was little, too.


  1. What a fun post about a fun trip! I loved all the pictures you took of Grandma's pictures and when we went to Rexburg last month, I too loved all of Grandma's yummy food. The picture of Keira and Grandpa is priceless!

  2. so that's where you were, in Idaho with your neat grandparents. i looked for you Sunday and Gabe actually looked for Ryan, we were just wondering where you guys were, just being noisy.

    i want to hang out. i got your 'cookie,' message last thursday but it was already 5 pm and you said you started work then, work stinks.

    you know my sister in law moved in? Her name is Ryanna, gabe's sister, my daughter is named after her. She wants to meet you, she loves to dance and I told her you're pretty good :D she's so much fun, i love that she's here... and i get to sleep in till 9 am !! but that's not the only reason why i love her, haha!


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