Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I stopped by Broadbent's last month and blew the rest of a gift certificate I had received last Christmas--it took me over an hour to decide which two yards fabrics I wanted.  Yes, going to the fabric shop is like a good spa treatment.  I purposefully kept that gift certificate in my bag all year to comfort myself.  Just the promise of being able to go to the quilt shop and browse alone...quietly...un-rushed...brought me peace of mind all year long.

Applique'd Tee

I picked up a couple of Sherbet Pips (by Aneela Hoey) fat quarters and used some of them to create a little scene (?) on Keira's pink tee shirt.  I had to cover an ink stain she happened to get on it the first day she wore it (!).  I used-what's it called-that double sided interfacing stuff you use for appliqués...Heat Bond (from Wal Mart)...(I'm trying to stop my addiction to the "PRC's distribution leg," but it's hard.)

on the way out the door to school

Applique'd Tee

Comfortstitching is Aneela Hoey's blog.  It was on my blogroll a couple of years ago.  I don't know why I took it off, but since then, Aneela Hoey's designed I think 3 fabric lines, all with similar playful themes.  I like the colors she uses, and her hand-sketched  fabric, some of which are based on her embroidery characters.  So much fabric that is bloating (my favorite 2011 word) the fabric market out there is quickly-tweaked digital manipulation.  Although I do enjoy a lot of the 'digitized' fabrics out there, it's relieving to see fabric that's still designed à la main.  Oh, I'll shut my modern fabric design-wannabe-critic mouth now.

A couple of Aneela's pdf embroidery patterns I'd like to try...

Aneela's shop

Some cool embroidery books to check out:

Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts!: Woolly Embroidery: Crewelwork, Stump Work, Canvas Work, and More!


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