Saturday, April 14, 2012

Me Love You Long Time

It's been so long since I've blogged, I can't remember half the commands on this thing--Blogger?  Rather than my list of excuses, I will say that I have been getting my fix using Pinterest (much faster than blogging, eh?) and Tumblr, along with a little Facebook and emails.  {Wow, when the world comes to an end, what are we gonna do without our social toys?  We DO all know that the world is steadily crumbling as we type, right?  I hope so.} 

I made Kalei a dress for her 3rd birthday 3 weeks early because of our bizzy schedule.  I have family coming in from Hawaii nei this next week.  My mom and aunt will be here to see my little brother graduate from BYU Provo with an MA in Civil Engineering.  We are so proud of him.  Then, Ryan and I will be leaving for a 7-night Caribbean cruise a coupla days later...we haven't been this excited since before our wedding!!  I. haha. cannot. wait.  I dust donettes' powdered sugar off the computer while I compose this post--just a glimpse into how trim and fit I've gotten for our beach-combing trip--but, oh well.  

The dress:
Dress from a pant leg

Dress from a pant leg - back

Dress from a pant leg

It looks a little warped in the midsection seam, but it was just a fast and quick birthday dress.  I had just finished an apron knot dress with matching ruffled pantalons for Kalei for Easter (more on that next time) so I was looking for a quickie.  The fabric is Echo from Lotta Jansdotter.  It came out last year, but I still love it.  If you love that line as much as I do, check out the Lotta Love Flickr Pool.  The skirt of the dress is from a pair of gauchos I bought for $5 at Plato's Closet that didn't fit, and aren't ever gonna!
Pant legs--gauchos I butchered to make a dress

The kids are growing growing growing.  Here's a photo from February:
The gang

I can't believe Kahea, our youngest, will turn one year old next month.  Time for another one, right?  I think this time, we're slowing things down a bit.  We both wouldn't mind having more, but feel up to our necks in kids and nothing but.  Which isn't bad, but this much-needed vacation might help us see the forest from the trees and gain a better perspective.  All in all, we adore our kids and spend every waking--and non-waking--minute together in our little condo up on the 3rd floor.  With no back yard, our condo IS the yard!
The gang

Some headbands I made a coupla months ago.  I bought cheap plastic ones and glue-gunned fabric to them and added florals:
Headbands I covered and added flowers to...
You can never have too many headbands.

More bloomers for my talented photographer SIL, Stacey:

Last week, I got an order from an old college friend for a reversible car seat canopy.  I searched for good, summery, non-cartoonish boy fabric, not easy to find thesedays and hereabouts, but found this gorgeous Moda dot fabric called Half Moon and Aneela Hoey fabric for the back at my LQS, Broadbents.

Satomi's Car Seat Canopy

Satomi's Car Seat Canopy

Satomi's Car Seat Canopy

Hope you all had a splendid Easter weekend.  Be back sooner than last time!


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