Friday, September 23, 2011


Fabric Finds
4 yards
I found this drapey striped jersey knit at WalMart for $2/yard-using a Built By Wendy pattern to make a boat neck top
men's shirts and double gauze (bottom plaid) I got for $2/yard at Fabric Barn in Long Beach - yessah!
men's shirts (top-$1 yard sale and white was an American Eagle men's shirt I bought Ryan in Hawaii when we were dating) and a double gauze (bottom- from Fabric Barn in Long Beach $2/yard)

more $2/yard double gauze (bottom) and some shirting (top)
blue striped shirting and double gauze from Fabric Barn in Long Beach $2/yard
Circle Jerks
I made this circle skirt a few months ago.  I used Chic and Simple Sewing and Dana's instrux to learn how to do it.  It was my first time with charmeuse and making a circle skirt, so not a good first time combo...the hem was so hard to do without it looking all wrinkled.  I think a walking foot would have helped, but it's the nature of the cut and the fabric that makes it hard to hem.  I ended up using some satin ribbon as bias tape for the hem.  Was embarrassed to wear it to church, but I did get a compliment on it, so didn't feel too weird.  I don't think I'm a circle skirt kinda gal.  I much more would like to make a nice pencil skirt or something, but I am still a nursing mom and don't feel like starving myself to look good in one! 

Before N' After Refash
So I found this XXL dress for $4 at Old Navy a coupla years ago during one of their half off clearance sales.  I don't shop at Old Navy anymore, but was looking for something in particular and found this dress.  I think it's like a brushed cotton poplin or something, but it's so soft and I like the print. 


Last year, I made a 2T girls dress out of the bottom of the dress using a pattern I made up. Here's a top I made last week with the leftovers of the dress.  I used a Lisette pattern for a top to help trace new arm holes and sleeves and take the sides in.  I probably won't wear it.  There wasn't enough fabric for it to be long enough, but maybe I can tuck it into that cool pencil skirt I'm going to make, right?

Sewing is Good for Gifting
Small makeup bag/pouch and card I made for my Grandma Marge in Idaho using Amy Butler Nigella fabric and AB paper, too.  Wow, I like Amy Butler!
Grama's b-day gift
Grama's b-day gift

in the works
I've cut the fabric for a dress from Simplicity 2215 by Cynthia Rowley.  I've never made anything from a Cynthia Rowley pattern before, but I like her sleek-ish designs.
in the works

I saw a few 5-yard mini-bolts at WalMart for $5 each (that's $1/yard - hehe).  While most or all are flimsy polyesters, there are a few that aren't bad quality.  I thought this black rayon/nylon blend pseudo-silk would be a good start for a dress...I will update as the sewing progresses. 
in the works


  1. 1. that circle skirt turned out nice! but i agree, you're more of a pencil skirt kinda gal (me too). and by the way,you look amazing.

    2. I can hardly wait to see the Cynthia Rowley pattern turn out :)! I love how you're always sewing.

  2. Good for you for making time for the things you love:)


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