Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Stainmaster

I pride myself off of being able to remove any stain out of anything. Sometimes I use Google's help (didyaknow you can get Sharpie pen off of finished wood with an eraser?), but usually, I can get any stain out.  Here are some of my stain protocols:
  • normal stains out of clothing (food, dirt, etc.) = Resolve / Shout spray + run through wash; check if it's out before putting it in the dryer, if not then hang dry and do the following...
  • stubborn stains = do a liquid detergent dab onto the stain and scrub under warm water, then soak with a Tbsp of more detergent in warm water in the sink for an hour.  Run through the washer again.
  • liquid carpet stains = I have a 4 step regimen for these: 
    1. grab 2 dry rags + 1 wet rag + Resolve spray.  Soak up as much of the liquid with a dry rag(s) first.
    2. spray, let sit for 5 min if it's a juice/colored
    3. come back with a damp rag and dab it out.  Don't rub your rag back and forth over the carpet or it'll add 2 years of wear onto that spot. If it won't come out, do another spray, 5 minutes, and damp rag. 
    4. Lastly, use your dry rag or towel to soak up moisture.
  • Newborn baby poop stains (I'm talking about the mustard yellow stuff) = After our first child and trying just about everything out there, by our second baby, I'd discovered that good old fashioned white bar soap takes out baby poop best, even faster and easier than detergent.  The cheaper the soap, the better.  Just rinse the stain under warm water (get as much of the goo out as possible with water first).  Then get the bar of soap wet and rub it onto the stain.  Then put the soap down and grab two parts of the stained cloth with each hand and scrub the stain back and forth.  Rinse with warm water and reapply more soap if needed.  This is the best for those onesie stains on the binding. 
Admittedly, there are some stains that just can;t be removed, like some inks and paints on clothing.  A few years ago, some ink got onto Keira's dress that I couldn't get out, so instead of trash it, or have her use it for pj's I added appliqués to cover the stains.

Applique's to Keira's dress

Another ink stain covered by fabric appliqué...
appliqué magic

If you have any tips, I'd appreciate it! 


  1. I've never thought about doing an applique. Love it! My boys shirt has marker all over the middle so it would be difficult. One big truck or something I guess. I think those clothes are prettier with the applique designs.

  2. Genius! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Cheap hairspray and lots of elbow grease and towels. Spray the ink with plenty of hairspray, put a towel underneath the material, then I find an old toothbrush used to scrub the stain. Repeat till the ink bleeds into the towel underneath. Sometimes works better than others-but has worked for me in the past.


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