Monday, February 14, 2011

So Sew

Recent projects for my kids the past two weeks. 

I made Kainoa something, finally...a pair of pj's (again) out of this bright David Walker Robots fabric I ordered during's awesome Westminster Blowout sale last year (after a discount code and shipping, I paid less than $2/yard!).  I couldn't believe how much fabric pj's take--.75 yards for each color.  But he loves them and hates taking them off.  I need to sew for my boy more often.  This shot after 2 nights of sleep and two long mornings of play, and strawberries on waffles.

Next, a shirt for Kalei.  I counted 12 pairs of pants in her drawer the other day, and only one shirt...welp, time to make some shirts!

The first one I made was fun.  I used an Old Navy shirt she fits in to make a muslin pattern, then cut into Art Gallery Fabric's Dashing Roses fabric.  The matching wrist and neck trim is also AG, but I can't remember what line.  'Twas my first time sewing with Art Gallery fabrics, and I have to say, I prefer it for children's clothing.  It is soft and thin, kinda like Alexander Henry fabrics, kinda like a poplin, a little crispier than the medium weight FreeSpirit and Moda fabrics I've sewn with.  I love the way the shirt looks on her.  This shot again, after she wore it some, sorry I'm sick of ironing for photos!

Next up, I wanted to use the muslin pattern I had made, only tweak it with some gathers and a V-Neck, so came up with this white crisp shirt.  I didn't know how to make a V in the neck and just kind of went for it.  I quilted horizontal lines into the lined bodice, which kind of hides the ugly V.  The fabric is from Patty Young's Andalucia line.  I liked working with white, and a simple print this time.  I think I prefer brighter, not so busy fabrics for children's clothing, esp girls' dresses and shirts, and will look to use more bright whites like this in the future.   

**I've got my 4th year blogiversary giveaway coming up this Thursday, so mozy on back then.


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