Thursday, March 26, 2009

6 Weeks & Counting

I had the chance to read a blog post that made me happy and thoughtful. If you venture over to Anna Maria Horner's blog, you'll usually find posts on design, art, fabric (uh, she's a fabric designer), her family, etc. She's a mother of 6, pregnant, and her eldest is about to go to college. She left a really nice post yesterday that made me happy to be a should check it out. I've been reading her blog for about a year now, and it is so neat to watch a mom so motivated and artistic...and, she has great fabric:

On another note, I've been meaning to post stuff I've been making. I have no idea why, but I seem to be handicapping all my technology lately. I was messing with my blog html the other day, and now have a nice white background (any pointers?). My camera flash won't work, and it's a setting I can't figure out...must be a pregnant lady thing. The only time I have to blog is really at night, but then if I have any photos to take, can't--no flash. Our days have been so busy with family lately, I forget to take photos using natural light. Ho hum. So, here's what I've taken photos of already.

I did some pajama refash for Kaikai...old white T-shirt + remnant WalMart cotton knit fabric. I used a pair of pj's that he fits (dark blue) as a pattern, and added a couple of appliques:



Next, I took a Hancock T-shirt my Aunty Na`iwa and Uncle Dave sent for Ryan that didn't fit and made some more pj's: (they own a couple of video stores in the Bay Area and send us movie promo stuff).

I used some ribbon I had lying around to sew along the seams where the snaps would go to prevent the snaps from ripping through the thin knit fabric when I angrily pull them apart to change yet another poopy diaper.

Of course, with Spring coming (??) I've been making Keira some skirts and dresses. Remember this fabric I got for Valentine's Day? I used Simplicity 2828 for the bodice, and made my own A-line for the skirt:
And I couldn't go without showing off my first (and last!) car seat cover. Ok, this project was embarassingly started 7 months (!) ago. I know because the baby it was intended for is now...6 months old! I remember it being a hot summer day when I treked over to my friend, Tiffany's, to borrow her Snugride car seat that matches the car seat for the baby and used it as a pattern. Dana, at Made, a friend of a friend who makes these, gave me some great advice and encouragement (thanks, Dana!)...her car seat covers are just a tad more professional looking, yeah...just a tad. I'm so embarrassed that it took me so long and the baby has almost outgrown the carseat, I almost didn't blog about this one, but I wanted to say that I highly respect women who make these, they are NOT easy. This one was reversible, with Hawaiian print and Ikea fabric:

As time runs short before Baby's arrival, I'm trying to fit some yoga in with enough time for it to actually have an effect on the labor 6 weeks to go.


  1. Lots of fun things here!
    I am IN LOVE with that pants/onesie you made from the Tshirt. And what a clever idea to put ribbon in the snaps area. I had a problem first time around with my snaps ripping through. That is the perfect solution!
    Cute stuff.

  2. I love the p.j.s! How hip. I thought about making a carseat cover for one second until I read your post...I'm not talented enough. Your's looks amazing, even if it did take 7 months. Nice work! What can I do to help with new baby? If you ever want me to pick up your kids, I'd love to watch them for a day while you rest.

  3. WOW!! those car seat covers are SO cute!!! And the dress for Keira is so cute!! ANd Kaikai's pjs are so cute!!! YOU HAVE TALENT!!!! I am jealous! ;) Good work!!!!! Hey sorry again to cancel on the playdates....Tayvree still has a fever this morning :( Urggghhh!
    Well now I want another baby girl so I can pay you to make me a cute car seat cover! Sheesh! you really are talented!


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