Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a Boy!!

We found out that Baby #4 is going to be a boy. "Told ya!" Keira said at the ultrasound.  We all thought it was going to be a boy, so we have a family of experts now.  "Mom, I like your baby," Kai whispered in my ear while I was lying on the table.  Keira cried b/c she thought we would get to take the baby home today.  He's due May 24th.  His name MIGHT be Kahanu, but we're not sure yet.  Here he is...
The ultrasound tech got a good shot of what gender baby is.  She said he's not shy 'cause his legs were wide open (he's a Johnson, alright!)

Those are his little knees at the right, the thigh of his leg coming up from the bottom right, and his little toes and feet at the left. Amazing that we were all less than a pound and 10" long at one time, isn't it?

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  1. Congratulations on your little guy. Kainoa is so cute for telling you he likes your baby :)

    Two girls and two boys, perfect. I adore their beautiful little faces and fun personalities.

    May 24th is coming up quick, I hope you're doing well, take care.

    p.s. Fabrixoup is awesome!! Maybe someday you'll design your own fabric.


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