Monday, September 29, 2008

Hawaiian Host

I try to keep my blog topics "light"--you know, sewing, kids, the fun and not-so-fun day to day, but sometimes I feel like writing something a little more meaningful. Ryan and I are taking the kiddies home to Hawaii next week to visit family. It's been over 2 years since we left Hawaii to move to Utah, so, a much-needed trip. Our visit will be about 10 days long, and filled with visits to family and friends we haven't seen, eating food we really miss, our favorite beaches, of course, and then I'm sure it will all be over in a blink.

I expect this trip home will be really different than those I've taken when I was a student here in Utah, or even when we were kids in California and took a couple trips back to Hawaii. I think mostly because I've changed a lot since I've been here: I have done most of my "raising kids" so far here, the past 2 years, the bulk of our marriage has been spent here (we've only been married 3.5 years), and I think also I've just become more, hmmm, aware of people and--let's not say cynical--about the a good way...uhh, I'm less naive now than when I left Hawaii 2 years ago. (There, that's a positive way of putting it!)

Growing up for 7 years in California, going to college in Utah, and travels in between, I've had lots of opportunities to share with people what little bit of Hawaii I could. I've danced hula, shared cultural insights, lists of the best beaches/hotels/islands, shown photos, shared Hawaiian music with people, food, etc., when others were interested. I always kind of felt like I was sharing a plastic version of Hawaii when people asked me to. Deep down inside, I've always had a difficult time discussing the Hawaii they would visit and leave behind...and had little opportunity (listening ear) to describe the real Hawaii, other than the generic answer to the question, "Why did you leave Hawaii?"

"Oh, because, it's so expensive and crowded."
There's so much more to Hawaii than most people know, even more deep and beautiful than the touristy one. Here's something to get you started:

So, after watching that, do you feel differently about Hawaii? Please leave a comment and let me know your feelings.


  1. I have been told about the things in the video but seeing it only makes it more real. It is verry sad to see.

  2. Wow. I had no idea that the U.S. "kidnapped" Hawaii. I feel so ignorant! I kind of have mixed feelings...I love being a tourist in Hawaii but think it's so sad that the natives were usurped like they were in the late 1800s. I also don't really feel sorry for people who think that entitlement solves every problem and, from living among citizens of a different race with a major sense of entitlement but lack of motivation (in Michigan), wonder if natives who are in such dire positions now can or cannot do more to help themselves. Who knows? I guess I don't really have anything intelligent to say and hope I'm not offending anyone. Thanks for posting this, though, because I thought the video was really interesting. I hope you have a great trip! Tell Aunty Kalei "hi" for me.

  3. There are lot of sad story in a history. I hope that all of us can learn from it and hope to see the better future. I have a close feeling to Hawaii because of frind's like you. I mean not the turist type closeness, it is the people and warmness of people... of Hawaii.


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