Monday, November 3, 2008

Catch Up

Here are some things I am catching up on:

♦ Blogging--it's been over a month since my last post. I went to Hawaii, and when I got home, we had some company visit, Halloween stuff, and now I use any morsel of spare time to READ. Some news: my blog has been included in The Big List of Sewing Blogs

♦ Sewing--I put the sewing machine away for a week or two for some company we had visiting, then forgot all about sewing once I started reading Twilight. I have mei tais, nursing covers, and orders people are waiting for (hope none of you are reading this!).
Other news:
☺Today marked my 5th anniversary at ComTel, located in Honolulu. ComTel is a family-owned company that sells and installs phone systems to businesses in Hawaii. I used to work fulltime, until I started having children, and then they let me work from home. I work from home 5pm-9pm weeknights, right in my home office/guest room here in Utah. The owner, Lou Darnell, reminded me today that I've "covered the waterfront" and worked in Sales, Admin, Operations, even done some cabling and technical stuff. When I was pregnant with Keira, I was their Project Manager and oversaw installations--usually 2 month jobs, was on my feet a lot, even crawled under desks to install phones. I worked right until the day before I gave birth to Keira. It kept me in shape.
☺I voted today!! And I didn't have to wait a second in line!! Too bad my vote was moot.

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