Friday, December 7, 2007

Cookies For Me!! Thank you, Ili!

Okay, my cousin is definitely getting the Best Christmas Gift Award this year. Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer looking at, when an ad for Big Island Candies popped up on the sidebar. What cursor clicked on it right away, and I reminisced about eating their delectable, dipped biscotti-like cookies every Christmas at ComTel, where I've worked for the past 4 years. Every Christmas, one of our customers would send a box of assorted cookies, and guess who'd eat them all. I'd take handfuls back to my desk...several times a day. I don't think anyone knew. They have a dark chocolate cookie dipped in white chocolate (my fave), coffee dipped (my #2), chocolate on regular shortbread cookie, and more, but those are my faves. They're so addicting. So, I considered buying a box for myself--you can buy yourself something for Christmas!! But I decided the shipping would be too much to Utah, and just closed the page. I go to the kitchen b/c of course looking at those naughty little things made me hungry...and like 15 minutes later, the doorbell rings. "Who could that be?" Keira and I look at each other, I open the door, and there's a UPS guy standing there holding a box, and on it says, "Big Island Candies." What the?? Who the?? There is a God!! I really for the first time in a long time thanked God sincerely, like, how did you do that? I couldn't believe it! I was jumping while I opened it...who's it from? My cousin, Ili and her husband, Eddie, in Aiea. And inside were my three favorites. How did you know? I've already eaten half the box and it hasn't been 24 hours yet. Mahalo, cuz!


  1. Oh wow!! That is soooo cool! I can't believe that's a real story. You must have been so suprised!!! and like you thankful!!!!!Way to go, cuz!!! And what timing....
    by the way your etsy shop is sooo cool. I love your style and taste. When are we going to open our boutique and go to France on a shopping trip..girl? xoxo

  2. PS your etsy stuff is too cute. i need a baby girl because i love that little "hers" dress. i may have to buy it just cuz


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