Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Not to Wear

Ok, so, like, I totally went shopping for the first time in about 3 years this weekend. (Pretty much ever since I got pregnant in April '05.) And maternity shopping does not count as shopping, okay? Lyn, my bro, Gordon's wife, went with me to University Mall in Orem while Ryan and Gordon took Kiki to some Fun Factory-like place to play games. 3 hours of shopping...it was bliss. We hit up my new favorite store: the mature sophisticates of Forever 21. We had XXIForever in Hawaii, but this one is HEEUGE. It was like 4 mall stores. Okay, everything in there is tops, shirts, and blouses, with a couple of pants and--no that's not a skirt, it's a dress...no, that's not a dress, it's a long shirt. But I had fun.

I've been taping and watching What Not to Wear on TLC (HD of course) daily and after the 20th episode, decided that's what I needed, to buy a new outfit that made me feel good about myself. I went with the intention of a church outfit, but no luck in there!! I found a winter/spring black coat for $12.99, 3 tops, and a sweater. The best part: everything came to $33. We went to good ol' Macy's and found a pair of leather witch pointed shoes in size 10. I'm an amazon. I have a newfound confidence now, the world is changing. I wore a black chiffon-like Juicy dress my lil' sis Becky gave me for Christmas with my new heels to church on Sunday. I put more makeup on than usual. I really did feel more myself, and presentable and less afraid to say hi or talk to people, even ones I know. Isn't that funny how we are? I also can't wait to wear my new digs to Cali next month for Ryan's sister's wedding.


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