Friday, June 29, 2012

What the Blog is Going On?

I'm no quiltress, but the majority of the blogs I Follow or subscribe to are quilty blogs.  I guess with my shop (which was at the time) selling quilting fabric 2 years ago, I felt I needed to keep abreast of the latest quilting trends.  So, I subscribed to many a quilting blog.  To be honest, I don't really enjoy looking at bright-colored triangles every morning (though I do love photos of stacks of fabric quilters post to show a color scheme they're considering).  Anyway, I've revamped my reading list to reflect my internal interests, and not just my commercial interests. 

Yesterday, I read a post by Manda McGregory about how her blogging has evolved and how she wants to keep personal posts in her blog like she used to.  I've been thinking about the same thing the past year, how I don't write about my family history anymore, or Hawaii, or much about my children and hubby.  I enjoy reading that in other blogs, but it seems like lots of the blogs I've been keeping up with don't do that, or don't do that anymore. 

Blogs I enjoy reading seem to have a balance of sewing clothing (adult and/or children), quilting, and personal stuff.  Not psychiatric personal stuff, but "I'm Having a Crappy Week" honesty, or even "Our Vacation" photos.  I really don't enjoy those uber-popular, over-the-top professional sewing/quilting blogs.  Give me a break, you want me to enter a giveaway where my chances are 1/1,693?  There are a handful of blogs I used to read when I began sewing for inspiration and comraderie in 2007 which I watched evolve into 10,000 hits/day virtual magazines.  They made me lose faith in their integrity and honesty because they were getting free crap to rant about, or just plain blog-schmoozing.  Not inspiring.  Here's a list of blogs I've been enjoying over the years that keep it real and offer worthy inspiration on a regular basis:
  • Artsy-Craftsy Babe Rebekah photographs her family and the lovely bags she sews and sells.
  • Make Something Karyn owns a fabric shop/sewing studio in Toronto and sews some of the loveliest clothes and quilts.
  • TreeFall Design Manda designs and sews inspiring, modern adult and children's clothing and quilts.
  • Wiksten Made ex-Brooklyn girl, Jenny Gordy, designs adult clothing patterns and intricately sews.
  • Aspiring Homemaker One of the most refreshing blogs I read, Mia chronicles her country/farm life on an old-fashioned homestead.
(Don't get me wrong, by no means do I know these women personally, as I rarely leave comments, and they don't know me from Eve.)

Here's some "real-ness" for you on my front...just to catch my blog up with family and "me" photos...

In May, my little bro and his sweet family moved away (Utah to Oregon)

my husband hates this photo, he'd kill me

Creamy chicken alfredo lasagna - a decent recipe I tried found on Pinterest.

This is my unprofessional headshot photo for LDS Casting.  They are filming Bible movies in
the desert about 30 minutes away from my house and did a
casting call for any "Mediterranean/Arabic/Hebrew-looking people."  When I was in living in
Europe people thought I was Portuguese, Greek, Italian, or Spanish, so I thought, why not
try?  Alas, I was never called.  On second thought, I don't feel like sitting in 90 degree weather
for hours on end. 

I'm a proud mama of this one-year old baby boy.

I've started embroidering this Alexander Henry FQ for fun--something to do when
my 3-year old asks me to sit and watch Caillou with her for the 100th time. 



  1. oww, i like your new embroidering hobby. I really liked that your started doing that to some of your quilts (like Gabriella's blanket and Beckies quilt). nice.


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