Monday, April 11, 2011

April Flowers

I made Keira and Kalei a bunch of hair clips over the past couple of weeks.  It's helped compensate for the wintry snowy weather we've had.  I have to say, they were so fun to make, and with most of them taking all of 10-15 minutes, and the endless possibilities, the more I made, the more I wanted to make.  I hung some on some yellow ribbon for easy access and so they won't get squished in a box.

Here are all of the fabric flowers I made the past couple of weeks, most of them using on line tutorials.  It's an addiction..

This brooch made of AMH's Chocolate Lollipop fabric, tute here.  It's thicker, so good for a purse decoration, maybe not so much for hair:
Brooch or Hair Thing

I used Kelly's from Sewing in No Man's Land tutorial to make these pinwheel / stacked flowers.  The top right deep purple one is made of cheap acrylic felt I think I paid 25 cents/sheet for.  The light blues are real wool felt, and while thicker and sturdier, and probably won't pill like the acrylic, I don't see much of an aesthetic difference for $3.25 more per sheet...unless you're gonna buy wool felt to actually felt it, but for these hair clips, acrylic works fine, and is actually lighter weight for little girls' hair.P1140333

 I used this tute to make these felt (right) and cotton rosettes:

This one was just some trim I had that I rolled up and sewed a big button onto:

These stacked flowers clips are sort of my design.  The one on the left is to match Kalei's Liberty for Target dress:

Here are some other hair clip/brooch tutes I wanna give a whirl:
And here's a whole awesome blog dedicated to hair bows and fabric flowers.


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