Saturday, July 18, 2009


Been on a 2-month hiatus, it seems, so here's a recap...

Kalei is growing in leaps and bounds. When we blessed her at church, she wore the same dress my grandmother had made for Keira. I made each of our girls headbands for their blessing day...ok, I decorated store-bought ones with white roses...and will give them to them when they're older.
Kalei on July 5th at 2 months on the left; Keira on the right in 2006 in Hawaii:
Two of our neices from Arizona were with us for a week. They wanted to rent every movie Kristen Stewart's been in, Zathura, Into the Wild (had to say no to that since 'cause of the rating--wish I were the "cool aunt"). And after one or two hours of YouTubing "New Moon" with them I was pooped. Ahh, to be tween again and eat a whole bag of candy and stay in your jammies all day (at least we have one thing in common). I still miss them and every time I surf past 100.7 FM on the radio I get teary-eyed.

Gateway Mall, downtown Salt Lake
A purse I made for McKenna from a blanket she brought with her:

My internet/computer was down for a week which meant I couldn't work, blog, or email. Amazing how much more time I had with the kids and for myself. I wasn't drawn to login every morning--it's just part of my morning routine. I got more sleep because I didn't need to "wind down" after work and sew till 1am. With more sleep, I was unusually happy--not as testy with the kids. I didn't have to break out of that "blog fog" when you've just been clicking and reading and trying to catch up with everyone and their "news." The house was cleaner...which also added to my happy state. And without having to work, I had dinner ready for Ryan when he got home. I do like my job, been with ComTel for over 5 years, but it was nice to have a break.

Kalei 2 months, smiling and cooing all the time now


  1. i know what you mean about everything going better when you don't have internet ;) Kalei is getting so big!!! and tons of fun to have your nieces there!

  2. my fancey and your beautiful babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    give me one.
    yes, i love anna maria horner. i wish all my couches were in her fabrics. the pillows were made by a stack of fabric i bought from her site and YES her blog is fabulous. i have some oil cloth that i bought of hers. my mom has a surger and i asked her to surge the edges for me so i can use it as a table cloth. i'll post the results when i get it. i miss you my friend. i found some old pics of us in hawaii a few years ago. ahhh paradise.

  3. Kalei is sooo pretty - you have gorgeous kids! We miss you and glad all is going well!


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