Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Empress' New Clothes

I guess with Baby Kalei coming, I've felt a little tinge of sadness to let my only little girl go as "my only little girl." So, I've been sewing stuff for her in hopes that it'll hold her off for a few months until I get back into the swing of things (sometime in 2010)...

Vintage outfit...ok, more like 80s outfit. The top is made of a cotton/poly lawn-like floral fabric I found at WalMart. It has kind of a vintage feel to it, so I used some tiny brown vintage ric-rac and brown buttons for the back to kinda stay with the flow. The brown shorts fabric was a JoAnn remnant I got for a buck something. The shorts are kind of an 80s joke, but I like 'em. My 30-something friend was visiting from Oregon last week and saw them and asked me to make her a pair and we had to laugh...who says you can't live vicariously through your daughter?
For Keira
I based the pattern for the shirt after a Gap shirt Keira has, minus the sleeves. And yes, those pink "Mebo" labels I made with drawstring ribbon from my pajama pants and a Sharpie are my ghetto version of marketing. Though I won't ever put them on something I sell : ).

shirt back

I joined Sew Mama Sew's Fat Quarter swap last month, and received 2 FQs that just matched, so I made this skirt out of them, along with a red scrap from a previous order. Not to happy about the white thread for the hem, shoulda used black or red:
Then, I decided to make Keira another skirt out of a WalMart remnant that's been lying around for a year. It's kind of a seersucker fabric. This was my first attempt at ruffles using the baste and pull method. Took a little time, but worth it.

I realized yesterday that it has been months since I have gone to a store and bought something new for my kids, clothes-wise. All their clothes are either hand-me-downs, gifts, or handmade by me. I'm not sure if that's something to be proud of or not, but, oh well!


  1. It is definitely something to be proud of! I really love both of those skirts; when we get together, will you show me how to do the ruffle technique? You never cease to amaze me. Let's hit the spa!

  2. CUTE stuff! I love those brown shorts!


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