Thursday, February 19, 2009

Imagine More, Observe Less

I've been reading one of my favorite books again called Remembering Wholeness, by Carol Tuttle. And I've been sharing parts of it with people around me this time around. It all started when I was going through a nasty break up right before I met Ryan 5 years ago and a family friend lent me her copy. She didn't know I was having boy trouble, just noticed I needed some good ol' h.e.l.p.

It is one of those books that has little snippets of wise sayings, one of which I find coming to mind daily lately:

"Imagine more, observe less."

Spend less time looking at the world outside of you, noticing which things aren't what you'd like them to be (the world condition, your financial situation, sickness, etc.) and make a conscious effort to imagine what your ideal life or situation or solution would look like...and do it often. Write about your ideal life, events you want to happen, things you would like, how you'd like a situation to change, make lists, talk about it, talk it up, pray about it, etc. Soon, that positive energy will manifest itself in the form of what you need/want/desire.

I decided to try this method to find and be able to afford my first car (when I was, yes, 26 years old). I hadn't had a car since high school, let alone one I bought for myself. I felt like I would never be able to afford one. I went through college in Provo without one, and Hawaii has a great public transit system (The Bus) that I used to get to and from work everyday. But I wanted a car, felt I deserved one, and heck, I was tired of depending on others. Anyway, it worked: I imagined what my car would look like, wrote in my journal about it, prayed about it, and brushed aside any negative thoughts about getting what I wanted...within 3 weeks I had my silver Honda Civic.

I hit my 3rd trimester mark last week (yay!). I've been getting tired again (like 1st-trimester tired), which usually makes me grumpy...and I haven't even been staying up late to sew, either! Bummer! Add that to we've been sick on and off for a month, and it's a yucky recipe. Anyway, I have been finding myself "needing" more than what anyone or anyTHING can offer...we've all felt that way, I know...this time trying new approaches, better prayers (sometimes unconventional ones, and not just morning and night), trying to find others who might be feeling the same way right now, writing about my experiences, and just imagining more, creating more, and focusing on people & things (however small) I enjoy and like(such as re-organizing my messy fabric stash you saw in my last post). I even wrote a poem the other day!
Beauty and the Beast on an Ikea Table RunnerV-Day gifts from Ry
V-Day gifts from Ryan
Anyway, I didn't intend to write this much about this topic, but just thought I'd share someone else's wisdom and Heavenly Father's work I've been noticing and that I am grateful for it.


  1. Thanks you so much for your words Nancey!! It was just the boost I needed this morning!

  2. Thanks for Sharing Nancey! You are amazing. Thank for helping me remember to be positive. Being Negative only starts a downward spiral.

  3. I really enjoyed your post Nance! I have read a book similar to yours called ...The Secret. I believe it too! Seeing all your fabric make me what to go out and get a sewing machine and teach myself to sew..... just because i love lov all the cutsey fabric and purses and such. You're amazing Nance...and I am grateful you're in our family. Ryan is blessed to have you:) loves loves~~~ Suz

  4. what a cute flower/balloon ryan gave you!!! yeah i need to read that book!! my mom loved the macadamia nuts by the way!! thanks you rock!! miss ya! (someday my kids will be better...Tayvree has bronchitis :( )

  5. Thank you for sharing! I love reading inspirational quotes that just moves your soul. I remember when you bought your first car:)


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