Thursday, November 20, 2008


My daughter, son, and I are obsessed with Julieta Venegas. If you don't know who she is, she's a huge Latin music star from Tijuana. How obsessed, you ask? We have Julieta Unplugged on DVR and sing into our karaoke mikes almost daily now. Almost every night, after I work, we watch a video or two on

Today, I was putting Kainoa down for a nap, and kept hearing the office door open and close. He would not sleep. I went into the office to see all my papers scattered on the floor. Keira's favorite video, that she calls, "Shoes:" "Algo Esta Cambiando," was playing on my computer. When I asked her why all the noise, she showed me as she acted out the video. Open and close the door, throw the "keys" down, go to my desk and put the phone to her ear (my computer mouse), then push all my desk papers onto the floor, and walk out the door. Very choreographed. I was impressed:

In Keira's other favorite video, Julieta walks through Tokyo with her (real life?) twin. Keira actually knows most of the chorus--who needs Rosetta Stone? Going by this and the other video, would you say Julieta has twin and multiples issues? : )


  1. That is so funny and adorbale. I can't wait to see Kiera do her Julieta moves! We need to get together; what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

  2. ohhh i love your children already and i love julieta venegas

  3. P.S. i just wiki'd it and she DOES have a twin, named Yvonne. Thank goodness for her and for us ;)

  4. P.P.s i really love anna maria horner too


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