Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Good News

Yup, you guessed right, we're expecting again. Ryan knew before I did--he said he "just knows." Men! That might be one of their (only) instincts when it comes to child-bearing! Anyway, we're due around April 27th. My friend, Brianna, had her baby around that time, and said that it's a good time to be pregnant--you're not as cold during the winter time b/c of the hormones and added weight, but then you can't really go swimming and do as many outdoorsy activities once spring/summer arrives b/c you've got a newborn. Oh, well.

So that means we're going to Hawaii in Feb/March to clean out my dad's place with my childhood through college years boxes (including love letters I kept from 7th grade and my wedding dress--probably full of holes from the cockroaches), and that Mom and Becky will come in May instead of April. Yay!! I guess I'm not sad anymore (ref my last boohoo post)...

Also, it may be jinxing it, but we think it's twins. A psychic once predicted I'd have twins right after Kaikai, and we seem to run into twins a lot lately. Will let you know!


  1. Nancey,
    I am so happy for you. Congratulations you crazy mama. I really hope you have twins. That would be so cool Nance. You are the best mommy, and I just hope I get to meet your kids sooner rather than later. I miss you like crazy. Now, take care of yourself and enjoy the moments with your kids.
    I love you,

  2. Congratulations Nancey!!! You go girl! Well, I guess you're going to get that big family you've always wanted!!!:) If anyone could do it, I'm sure you could. That's neat how Ryan knew! I'm glad you'll be in the islands too. We'll have to try and get together!
    Love you girl. xoxo

  3. congraturation!!! Twins, that will be fun but hard...??? My friend had twins and she had 18months old boy along with it. Imagine that. But she said that twins were contanted with each other so it was not as bad as she expected. So.... any way, if you have twins, let us know.

  4. OK, seriously, you were just at my house 3 days ago and made NO hint of being prego. You guys are baby making machines! That's great! I am so excited for you! I hope it is twins.


  5. congrats my lovely. to have only had half your eggs...

  6. You would be great with twins. Let see you woul have four kids under three. I know people have done it! Thanks for letting us come to KI's birthday party!

  7. Congratulations! I am thrilled for you and Ryan! You're a great mom and I think it would be awesome to have twins, despite the hard work. There's something to be said about two pregnancies for the price of one (monetarily and physically). Hooray! I hope you're feeling okay. Let me know if you need a nap and want me to take your kids for the day.

  8. Congrats!! We are so excited for you!! How have you guys been? Hopefully we will be able to see you when we come out for Christmas!

  9. Congratulations Nancey! I hope that all goes well with your pregnancy.


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