Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I opened a little online business last summer, when my step-mom, Susan, kindly encouraged my dad to buy me a sewing machine. I was pregnant with Kaikai and soooo glad to have something to do. We didn't have cable, or a car during the day. It was a long, hot summer. Anyway, after I had Kainoa, my brother's MIL, Karen, sent me a nursing cover she made with boning in the neck and I loved it. So after a few sewing projects I felt comfortable enough to make some nursing covers and open an Etsy shop.
To make a long story short, I am sad. When I first opened my shop in March, I got so many orders (most via Etsy). As those of you who have started your own business (on line or wherever) know, everyone wants to come to the "Open House" and check it out, they buy stuff, you're happy. But once everyone you know has one, and so do their friends, you need to branch out, do more advertising, take your stuff to a store, sell at boutiques (fancy name for a craft fair).
The first 3 months or so, I had 2-3 orders per week. Just right. I lost some sleep, but I was industriously happy. Now, I am sad. Now, it's been almost a month since I got an order off Etsy. When I first opened shop, if I did a search for "nursing cover" on Etsy, about 8-12 pages of other sellers' covers would come up. Today, I did the same search and 57 pages of nursing covers came up.

I am sad : ( hahaha...ok, not THAT sad. And this isn't an appeal for you to buy something from me, either.

I know you're thinking, "Well, Nancey, dear, no one is spending right now," and I guess I could resent Bush a little for it. And it doesn't help that crafts and sewing are pretty much mainstream now. "Things will get better," you say? Hopefully. In the meantime, I think I will write a book.

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  1. Nance.. I feel sad for ya too! I Know how it is having your own business, and trying to keep it alive. I have some freinds that are prego, so i will give you an order soon, when i know for sure what they're having. keep the faith, things will get better. love ya


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