Thursday, July 10, 2008


Uhhh, this post is NOT going to be all about UCTV, which I happened upon after Enrichment tonight, when Ryan left me with the bambinos at 9pm to play church ball, AC off, Keira diaperless for potty training, and Kainoa wired on something Ryan gave him, 'cause he just fell asleep and it's midnight. Do you think I want to finish work after a full day, just like that? I am I turned on the TV and exercised my tired American housewife right to veg, and watched "Election Subversive" or "Election Corruption" (?) a UC Santa Barbara lecture on 2000 and 2004 corruptives, as well as "Body Politic," UCSD professor-hosted show with reports on Obama-love in Africa and Europe, as well as an interview with a guy who wrote Standard Operating Procedure (also the professor's cousin) on the torture in Abu Ghraib, both on UCTV. Ok, how did Arnold get elected, after all? I have family members who are "strict Republicans," and most of my (real) friends are liberal, if not closet, Democrats. My question at 31 years old is...and a dumb question...why? As one fellow-Utahn blogger wrote, (ad-libbed) "This is my experience being blue in a red state." But I don't really know what I am. All I know is that on the Slate Quiz I score right in the middle of the two. Does that mean I'm green? : )

New topic: hula. Last night I went to a party (my cousin's MIL's home in Alpine) to dance a couple hula numbers and teach about 10 little girls some basic steps. It was so fun. I think I may teach some classes soon at a nearby's in the works...but I feel very positive about this and it's something my mom and I have talked about me doing since I moved to Utah a year and a half ago (Sept '07). I'm actually excited about something in life!...other than sewing.

With that, I will divulge a nasty little secret I've been keeping from you, my beloved blog readers...I am a sewing fanatic. Yes, I have a growing fabric stash, I deserve my own studio like all the rest of my sewing peers, but no, I use the dining room table (our condo is 1,261 square feet), where my sewing machine has found a permanent home, and is only removed for distinguished guests...let's see...I stay up late (past 2am) sewing. When I'm not sewing, I'm lying there getting--inspiration?--pictures of fabric and combinations to use on purses, dresses, that tunic I'll never get to, quilts. Why didn't I get into Clothing and Textiles or Graphic Design when I was at BYU? You mean sewing and fabric aren't pukey old lady stuff? While I was going to Economics and Poli Sci and Botany, why couldn't I have ventured into that long narrow building they tore down, but was then the home-ec building, and sat at a sewing machine and discovered my future? Oh, no, I had to spend years deliberating over politics or natural science, Washington D.C. or Hawaii, NSA (dread) or DLNR, what to do, what to do. By the time I graduated in 2001 in International Relations and a minor in Botany, I still hadn't decided, and with haze from weird, unexplainable relationships, I REALLY didn't know what to go into, only, I felt a career in politics (not IN politics, but you know, studying or BEAUTIFYING politics, or even lobbying) was not for me, esp if I wanted children, even though I really enjoyed studying it, and that Botany--though interesting--I didn't feel passionate about enough to continue. So, after hanging out in Provo for a good year after I graduated (I worked for UT State Tax Commish and Sears accounting to pay the bills) I decided to move back home at 25. And here I am, 6 years later, discovering that, hey, I do (can) have a passion about something that is all my own...and that my creative side still lives!! And that I can make a semi-living using my talents, sewing and dancing (gosh, haven't you seen my Etsy sales? : ) ) I've even attempted paintings for our bedroom wall (to stare at while I nurse Kainoa). Maybe I will become an artiste, too!

Anyway, it's 1:20am, so I'm going to bed. More bitter-sweet randomness to come.


  1. yeaaaaah! That's awesome Nancey! Teaching Hula in Utah, Do it! They have a Hawaiian Culture center in Utah, They might need some instructors there. Just a thought!

  2. ohh nancey,
    i too fanticize about what i shoulda, coulda, woulda done at BYU:
    majored in photography, or clothing and textiles (and i could be on project runway), interior design, study abroad...HELLO as much as I love to travel i can't believe i never studied abroad. its cuz i was poor. why didn't i do byu hawaii for a semester or jerusalem?? its cuz it was meant to be that we lived together huh?!? ;)

  3. I think that the Lord has a way of guiding us through life. Maybe if you would have discoverd sewing sooner you would not have had any interest in politics and Botny. You never know what the Lord has planned for you. I think that you will see that you need ALL of what you have learned! Love ya!!

  4. You definitely should start your own line or something...I'd buy! :) And, if you do decide to teach hula, I'll be your first student and Amber and Karli will be the second and third. Every one of my relatives said they had so much fun dancing with you. Thanks for doing it!

  5. Go Nancey! That's great!! I remember you talking about teaching hula with your mom when you were on O'ahu. Good luck with all of that!!!:)
    I am excited about your sewing. I think you have a real talent, with fabrics, and putting them together, and your sewing is beautiful. You have excellent taste, and a real eye for what looks good, and feels good. So, holomua sister....rock on!!


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