Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sewing for Dummies

Lyn's Bag
Originally uploaded by nanceykl
I have 2 words:

Never Again!!

As in never again will I use this dang pattern. I used Sewing Patterns for Dummies—I must dummer than a Dummie. I made this bag for my SIL, it is actually my first time using a pattern to make something. All my other bags, clothes, nursing covers, I’ve made from scratch. I started it a couple of nights ago (till 2am), then last night was up till 2am, then worked on it for about 4 hours today. Total of about 10 hours—5 of which deciphering the darn instructions…Another thing was snipping those little triangles on the curved edges—yuck yuck yuck. However, I have to say, it turned out pretty nicely!! I added a magnetic snap closure. You can’t tell, but the inside pockets have little slits for pencils. I love pockets in bags. I watched 5 episodes of Martha, So I Maried an Axe Murderer, and The Mirror Has 2 Faces—oh, maybe it took more than 9 hours.

Next, need to make myself a big bag. Something mysteriously satisfying about finishing after the sweat.


  1. i love that bag!!! the fabric is awesome

  2. You are sooooo awesome! I promise the next time it will only take three hours! Lets get together and I will make one with you.

  3. wow. between you and my friend Dana Willard, you will have the corner on the homemade items market! nice and stuff nancers! no more hiding your little light (and blogging light) under a bushell!

  4. I love your skills! That bag turned out amazingly, despite the annoyance of clipping notches for a rounded edge and the "this won't take me very long" denial process that inevitably comes with every sewing project. :) You're amazing!


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