Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ruffle Dresses

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I made the girls matching summer dresses for no special occasion, just for fun. Then, we got up a half hour earlier than usual before church and snuck off to do a photo shoot.

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This was my first time working with ruffle fabric, which seems like it was everywhere a couple of summers ago. I found both colors on clearance on fabric.com for a couple of bucks a yard. Just like with every fabric, there are pros and cons. It allows some shortcuts that regular fabrics don't, such as no hemming at the bottom, but because they are pretty much striped, I had to line up the stripes at the side seams, evening out the amount of time. Also, it's a stretch knit polyester, and I was able to fold over and topstitch the necklines. 

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I didn't use a pattern, just traced around dresses that we already have.  I accidentally cut the black dress a couple inches too short.  I was going for below the knee so that she can wear it again next year, but forgot that with the sash, the dress would be pulled up at the torso unless she bothers to adjust it and pull the dress down, which a 7 year old won't do.
The ends of the sashes are the selvedges, or didn't need finishing, which saved time.  Also, I was expecting the black dress to require at leas a half slip underneath, but was surprised in the sunlight that it didn't. 
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Each dress with sash took me about an hour and a half total. I cut dolman sleeves, so each dress is just two pieces.  The sleeves on the yellow dress were too long when she tried it on, so I hemmed them. The black dress sleeves were perfect, so I just left them, trimming a couple of ruffle points that stuck out.  That was a nice time saver with this fabric.  All in all, I am pleased with the outcome!

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